Thursday, June 24, 2010


Alrighty, here it goes.
I thought I'd make an online resource about my Scotch trials. I'm not here to educate you about what is/is not Scotch. I may go into how different regions produce different types of Scotch. This is not a professional review, and your experiences and tastes may differ. This is a working/drinking mans opinion for others. I intend to stay within a certain price range. That being said, at some point I may enable ads on the page. Ads=money=more Scotch. See what I did there? Sometimes, I'll have a guest reviewer....their opinion and experience may differ, and that's ok. I'll do my best to share how I drink the various bottles...straight up, iced, dash of water. Not all Scotches are best enjoyed the same way.
I'll always try to post pictures, prices, where I got it from, and the VA ABC item code. For those in VA, here's a link:
Not all ABC stores carry the same stock. If you want to grab a bottle of something I write about, call with the item code and find it.
I'll do my best to keep the postings are clean as possible, but some things may require profanity...such as Bowmans.

Please enjoy responsibly.

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